Vauxhall Heights

Time is of the essence for this. Please complete asap.

To assist in getting things moving with Metalworks (now Vauxhall Heights) we are asking that all buyers provide this Expression of Intent letter so that Danny Johnson from PumpFields can place the development into 'friendly' administration and then buy it out whilst maintaining your status as a buyer. 

Please see the most recent webinar where he answers all of your questions or you can send further questions to

If you are proceeding please sign the expression below and it will automatically be sent to Danny and the process will begin. Note this is an expression of intent and is subject to contract. The actual contract will be dealt with separately. 

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    Expression of Intent to Proceed with Purchase - Vauxhall Heights (Formerly Metalworks) Liverpool

    (Subject to Contract)

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I confirm that I am a buyer of Plot [To Be Inserted] MetalWorks, Liverpool, and who has exchanged contracts on the plot, including registering a unilateral notice (UN1) with Land Registry.

    It is my intent to proceed with the purchase of this property and wish to support any and all actions which ensure the timely completion of the above development under the terms set out prior to exchange.

    Further, we endorse the actions taken by Dan Johnson Director of Pumpfields Regeneration and Vauxhall Heights Ltd in the securing of finances to secure the development.


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